Monday, November 30, 2009

Big Bear Burrito

Yesterday was such a fun day. My boyfriend and I spent the day in Big Bear, sledding and enjoying the cold weather, getting some Christmas shopping done at the cute outdoor shopping area.

I may be from Colorado, but hear it from me first, I'm a wimp when it comes to the cold! I had jeans, snow pants, two sweatshirts, a coat, gloves, hat, thermal socks, boots...I felt like that kid, the one from "A Christmas Story" who's mother bundles him in so many layers, he can't move, and falls over on the way to school. "I cant get up!! I can't get up!!"

We stopped in at a cute looking mexican restaurant for some lunch. Something about playing in the snow that really works up an appetite. I remember when me and my brothers were young, we were always ravenous after long days of sledding. That's the best time to bake cookies!

I couldn't find anything on the menu at first, and I guess my boyfriend could tell I was annoyed and asked if we should go somewhere else. After help from my gracious server (bringing me the package of lard which was fab, but what kind of restaurant uses store bough tortillas??) and a unique request, I was able to order a rice, salsa, grilled veggie and gaucamole burrito.

This thing was so huge, halfway through and I was getting full. Great day, perfect way to finish the Thanksgiving weekend with my baby <3

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