Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Frustrated with Ignorant People!

I'm so tired of having to defend myself for being vegan. Whenever someone finds out I'm vegan, they either write me off as a flaky kook or want to argue with me about it.

They say things like: "But God designed us to eat meat, just look at our ancestors." Well actually, if you are Bible believing person, if you read genesis, Adam and Eve did not consume animals until after The Fall, it was after they sinned that God gave them permission to kill animals for food. Which I find a little interesting. As for our ancestors? People evolve, just because something has been done for many many years doesn't mean that it should continue to stay that way. Think outside the box, dude.

"What the hell do you eat?"

How about Everything else, thanks. I eat a wider variety of healthy and delicious foods, maybe even more variety than you.

"It's a big inconvenience"-my boyfriend
He says he just doesn't understand and thinks I'm "weird" (great!) but that he will support me because he knows it makes me happy.
I try my best to not let it be an inconvenience to my boyfriend. I know sometimes it is, but being vegan is something that I'm passionate about, and I plan on being vegan forever. I also reminded him that I still cook his favorite non-vegan dishes occasionally, like the very non vegan brownies yesterday!

"why why why?"

Because to me it's just not ethically or morally wrong to kill another living thing, what right do we have to rob, harm or kill another living thing for our benefit? It seems a little unnatural to consume milk from another species, would you suck the milk from the cow yourself? I'd hope not!
I also find eggs repulsive. You like to eat a chickens reproductive waste? That's pretty gross, who's the kooky one now?

I could go on for days about all the discussions and arguments I've had with non-vegans, anything from simply "you're dumb" to hour long debates. Now I'm a very easy going person, I love to talk, I don't mind people asking questions, etc. I understand that being vegan is intriguing to many people, I get that....and also, maybe I just happen to come across the most rude and ignorant people, but if one more person wants to disrespect me and call me weird or dumb, or wants to get into it with me, well then fuck off.

This isn't kindergarten, calling someone dumb or stupid because they are different than you is simply ignorant and immature.



  1. Been there, done that many times with people being idiots. So frustrating. Just remember it's cultural.

    (FYI, this is Katie. *hug hug*)

  2. hey there! glad I'm not alone!

  3. I think people are more willing to understand veganism if you tell them the health benefits. I have been surprised by how supportive our friends have been to the dietary changes we made. Even our chef friend is trying to be accomodating.

    However I do still encounter people that don't understand and want to argue with me that veganism isn't healthy. When those people have diabetes (one did), or other health problems I just chalk them up to nut cases and move on.