Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm so excited, I got the loans I needed for Le Cordon Bleu!

Ok, bear with me, I just had to write it, scream it, shriek it somewhere...I got the loans I needed to attend Le Cordon Bleu's Patisserie Program! I spoke with the advisers already, letting them know that I'm vegan (and that I hope to specialize in adapting regular recipe and specializing in vegan pastries). They assured me that a student will never be forced to taste a dish, and that in fact, the chef will not always taste everything you make; 2 dozen students at times, that's a lot of food to sample!

I start January 4th, and I'm so excited. Now, about being in debt indefinitely....and finding a job near Pasadena...


  1. Oh my god, Dani, I'm almost jumping up and down with excitement for you! That's so awesome!

  2. Congrats! That's exciting news! It's really great that you won't be forced to try anything that isn't vegan. I went to culinary school a few years ago and had a tough time. While I wasn't "forced" to try anything, the chefs gave me a hard time. :\

  3. Thanks for paying me a visit :)

    Congrats on getting the loans that you needed. What an awesome opportunity, I hope you pass on some of your great new knowledge to us!

    Your brownies sound fab, once I recover from the sugar coma that I'm currently in I will have to try them.