Monday, December 21, 2009

Cafe Muse

I officially have a new favorite lunch spot, Cafe Muse, located in North Hollywood. My mom and I had lunch here this afternoon after meeting with advisers at Le Cordon Bleu. Culinary school is very expensive! Being under 24 is actually hurting me while trying to apply for financial aid and grants, seeing as they still look at your parents income (which is actually a bad thing seeing as my dad actually makes very good money, there are 9 of us kids though!). How can they look at my parents income, even if I'm not receiving any of it?! Anyway, getting off track here, back to Cafe Muse.

The cafe is great because they have food that even non-vegans will enjoy, like real cheese quesedillas or pizza, tuna melts, etc. Which is great, and hopefully I wont have to bribe my boyfriend to come here with me in the future.

I had the BBQ soy chicken wrap (with sundried tomatoes and spinach) with a side of sweet potato fries ($9, not bad, the wrap was huge). My mom had a soy "steak" quesedilla with soy cheese. I'm sure their cheese has casein in it, so I didn't get anything containing cheese myself. The only soy cheese I know of that doesn't contain casein is Toffuti and Deiya (sp?).
Great lattes as well, we love us some coffee!


  1. Tofutti cheese actually isn't good for you at all, regardless of dairy vs. non-dairy. I think they all contain partially hydrogenated oil, which is just bad bad bad. But sweet potato fries sound yuuuuuummmmmmmmmy!

  2. Culinary school is so expensive! I went there for 3 years before switching to where I am now. Sorry you're having issues with the financial aid. Dealing with that stuff is such a pain in the butt :\

    Your meal looks like it was tasty, especially those sweet potato fries!

  3. yes sweet potato fries are so freaking delicious! I like to think that they at least have a little nutrition info, vs regular fries, right?! lol.

    Oh really? That's lame. I'm not surprised about toffuti containing hydrogenated oils.