Saturday, February 27, 2010


Gardein, I love you! *tears* Vegan Chef Tal Ronnen helped create this AMAZING product...who...ahem, I was able to meet :-) I should seriously be their spokesperson, I'm passionate about this product on a borderline unhealthy level.

There are many different products available now (whole foods, or even Ralphs, most grocery stores now), but I'd have to say my two favorite are the soy chicken strips and the scallopini. The chicken strips bring me back to my childhood of feasting on mystery nuggets and strips...I'm sure glad I didn't know then what I know now... I enjoy these much more knowing exactly what's in them, no chicken! These are great served with sweet potato fries (brand below available at trader joes, but ralphs and all other grocery stores carry them too) and a honey mustard dip.

The scallopini is great, because it can be used in recipes that call for chicken breast. You treat it and cook it just like regular chicken. You can make a faux chicken parm by breading and frying the scallopini, topping it with soy mozzerella, and serving pasta and marinara sauce. There's also a great recipe for pine nut crusted scallopini in Tal Ronnen's Conscious Cook Cookbook.

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  1. yea, all of the gardein stuff is really yummy! it just started popping up at the big box grocery around here and my husband loves it (even though he's sworn off all other faux meat products). i've been eyeing that tal ronnen book since it was published. thanks for the extra info, i have no excuse not to buy it now.