Saturday, January 2, 2010

Culinary Orientation & More Muse

All morning and afternoon today was spent at my orientation at Le Cordon Bleu. It was both exciting and overwhelming! So much information, so many rules and guidelines to remember. I felt like I was joining the army. Wrinkled uniform? Kicked out of class. Forget your name tag? Don't bother coming. But I understand, they have to have order and professionalism, and I don't mind at all, I just hope I don't forget some crucial item.

Then we were hearded in groups all over the building, picked up info, schedules, maps (there are several locations in the area we will be taking classes from) listened to someone speak (explaining how the student counsel worked, where you can get parking permits, etc) then we were marched to the next room, financial aid. Any questions? Of course hands shot up, including mine.
Then it was the library. The largest library of food references and cookbooks (this includes tons of how to DVD's), aside from the one in Congress. I'm very excited to go wild there, but you can only check out 5 at a time :(

Then it was time to pick up our uniforms and all supplies. By the time I exited the building I could no longer carry everything on my own, thankfully a very nice man helped me to my car. I think he is one of my instructors, actually. He was very nice, answered several questions (of which I have a million more!). So let's see, 5 sets of uniforms, shoes, caps, kneckerchiefs, huge HEAVY knife set, 2 bags of books, huge bag of utensils, papers flying everywhere. Sweating like a pig. It's a good thing they went all out impressing parents and family/friends. First thing when we arrived in the AM they greeted us with coffee, several kinds of muffins, cookies, and every fruit known to man. Obviously they knew that we needed the energy, even if we didn't. I had some grapes. I'm just never hungry in them morning, it's bad I know. I've been told it's the most important meal of the day...
As soon as one tray started looking a little stark, magically a chef would somehow sense this, quickly arrive, swooping in with a fresh overflowing tray. I could get used to this.

I'm sure a job will come if I keep looking, gotta stay positive.

I'm very, very, very exciting about the internship next January. It wouldn't be easy, but it's quiete possible I could do mine in Paris. Several people went last year, and I already heard several people in my class talking about it. How amazing would that be? And what a great experience! I worked in the kitchen of a language school near Paris a couple years ago, loved it, and vowed to go back someday.

Also, a small number of students will be chosen to help cater the academy awards this year, on March 3rd. Hello, me please? That would be awesome.

After my 5 hour orientation (yes 5 hours) I needed some serious re-fueling, and I knew just the cafe that would hit the spot: Cafe Muse.

If possible, the food was even better than before. I had a soy BBQ chicken wrap with mixed greens and sun dried tomatoes. And look at that heaping pile of sweet potato fries. These are a must. I don't care if you're on a diet, get them. Eat them, and enjoy them. They make awesome leftovers, I'm sitting here right now eating the leftovers.
My sister had the olive pizza, and as you can see from her picture, she's pretty damn happy :)

It's time to go pass out now, and SLEEP!


  1. What a great day! Sounds like something many of us would love.

    Enjoy your time in school, it will fly by.


  2. Almost sounds like information overload! WOW. Your lunch sounds and looks delish, and pizza always makes me pretty darn happy too!